Deer Creek Fall

This is Deer Creek Fall, an often photographed site in the Grand Canyon, as it falls basically into the Colorado River. We camped right across from the fall and stopped there in the morning before heading downriver.

5D2, 24-105 @ 47, CPL
f/8, 0.3s, ISO100


This is very cool nice image.
Somehow i feel the image a little busy so I am taking the liberty of proposing an alternative crop


I like that you chose to capture only part of the falls making this a more intimate image. Your shutter speed gives some texture to the waterfall but nicely blurs most of it out leaving behind nicely exposed whites in the water. I do like @joaoquintela crop and color rendition. The reds are really popping in his version and the little sand bar along the bottom is cropped out. I might clone the sand bar out leaving more water along the bottom though. Also, you might reduce the sharpening just along the right edge of the waterfall where the rocks are a little bit grainy…might just be reflection from the water at an angle. Nice image for sure.

I like the choice of saturation in this image. Particularly because the Grand Canyon ones were more subdued. The straightforward composition lets you have individual shapes of color and I think that strengthens the image. I like the added blue in the water in the rework but the comp was good to begin with. The water texture really came out good for you. It contrasts nicely with the textured rock yet doesn’t have that foggy look.

What a great place to put in and camp for the night, Craig. I particularly like all the verticals in the frame with the walls and the falls as they fill the horizontal format. The saturation looks good; not to over the top. The sandbar does bother me just a little, although I think I would clone it out rather than crop it off as I do like the water along the bottom edge. Looks like you had a productive trip.

Beautiful image Craig. It’s very striking to see the large masses of green moss contrasting against the red rock. The colors are bold, but I think this subject matter gives you the latitude to get away with it. Another vote for cloning away the sand bar rather than cropping it.

It looks like you had the trip of a lifetime on this workshop, this has been an excellent series of images :+1: :+1:

I cannot enlarge this image, but looking at the thumbnail it seems as a great image. The red and green colors are very good handled and the water smoothness is just right.

Thanks @joaoquintela, @David_Haynes, @Igor_Doncov, @Ed_Lowe, @Ed_McGuirk and @Ola_Jovall!

In my original attempt at processing this image, I did try to clone out the rocks in the LLC, but I wasn’t able to get a clone that looked satisfactory to me, because of the vertical reflection in the water and the horizontal texture of the water itself. I ended up just burning them down, but I definitely agree that they need to go, so I’ll make another attempt at a clone, because I think a crop makes it a little too tight.

Igor, Ed L, and Ed M, thanks for noting the saturation. I did want to go a little bolder with this one, but I went back and forth on how bold a number of times before ending up here.

David, I see what you mean about the sharpening. I’ll look at that area.