Deleting own topic?

I posted a photo the other day and decided change thing, delete the posting and start over. I could not find a way to do this?
Are we to first up-load the photo and then enter commits?
Peter J Morrissey

Hi Peter, you cannot delete your own post until you’ve been around the site for some time, this is just to prevent accidental damage. You can edit your post by clicking the pencil icon below the post image

And yes, you should upload the photo first by clicking the upload button image and then putting in your text.

If you really want to delete the post rather than edit it you can flag the post image which lets the moderators know that you want it deleted. I would highly recommend editing your existing post instead, this saves you and the moderators work.

David: I’m not sure that I understand the rationale for not allowing a poster to delete his own post, as it was doable on the other site but not here. If as you say it is to prevent “accidental damage”, then the damage is of my own doing and easily repairable by me. I would vote for a re-institution of the delete button.

I’m sorry Richard but it is simply not an option with this forum software, the creators have decided that it’s so much of a risk that they won’t even give the option. The problem with deleting your post is that it also deletes everyone’s responses to your post, and if someone spent a bunch of time writing a reply and then you deleted while they were responding they would lose everything they typed. I would consider turning it on myself, but it’s simply not an option I can even change.

David: thanks for the reply. I must have misunderstood how the delete button worked on the other forum. I thought that you could delete ONLY if there were no comments to your post. I think that option is a good one. For example, if I’ve made a post and in reviewing it think I’d rather have some change to the photo, I could delete it, make the change and re-post. Would a delete if there are no comments be an option? Thanks again for the reply. Richard

I’m afraid not, you still have the issue of people losing their reply so they won’t allow it. Although I think it’s not a bad idea if you could delete within say 30 seconds, I can propose it but I doubt it will be accepted. You do have the option to edit your post and change out the image though, so deleting isn’t completely necessary.

I don’t understand either, why we don’t have the right to change our mind. I forgot to post my photo…didn’t see the icon. And it says, I have not been a member long enough??? I’ve been a member for around 10 years! What’s going on…

It’s just because you haven’t been a member on this particular forum software long enough, it’s creating protections so you don’t do something accidentally while you’re learning the software. Like I said, you can edit your post to add the forgotten photo. You just can’t delete, but you can flag it so a moderator can for you.

David: Thanks again. I do like the option of editing the post and changing the image, which is how I used the Delete button prior. I wasn’t aware this could be done. Richard

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