Denali South View

Denali and the Chulitna River from the Denali State Park South Viewpoint.

I felt lucky to see the mountain with these conditions as we were driving by, on our way to visit the park. And I shot this with monochrome in mind due to the clouds and shadows - a 4 image stitch. I love this view of the mountain - showing off it’s scale and glaciers.


I really like the flow from left to right in this image, especially in the water and sandbars. The graphic shapes in the water and sand are excellent. Perfect conditions for B&W, and you really took advantage of that. My only suggestions would be to lift the shadows in the dark mid-ground trees (would like to see a little more detail there) and to add some vignetting at the top of the sky, which put more emphasis on Denali. Nice composition here, it really pulls your eye through the scene.

Thanks, for the suggestions @Ed_McGuirk! A few tweaks and this one is going to the printer, then on my wall. :slight_smile:

Whats up Scott Bacon!!! Been a while. I can appreciate Ed’s comments because we all see things differently. So, about that dark (trees) band through the middle of the image that allows the brighter water and mountain range to really showoff…I kinda like it dark. Its your contrast Layer Starter outwards above and below. Genius processing in my opinion. On my monitor theres enough detail in there, especially on the left side that doesn’t come off as too dark to my eye. The dark portion top right provides enough vignetting to me, but Im an admitted Vignette hater…Ha…

Damn this is such a huge scene, well composed as well. Hang that sucker now!

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DAMN this makes me want to visit Alaska. I’ve never been but it’s scenes like this that I know would draw me in and make me fall in love with it.

I really love the flow of the image but I’ll split the difference between @Kane_Engelbert and @Ed_McGuirk and say that I feel there’s enough detail in the trees except for the very right edge near the river shore… It just feels a little too inky to me. I love following those lines across with my eye but once I get to that spot it just leaves me wondering how sexy it is in there.

Thanks for the image!

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