Depth of Field update

Still a lot of butterflies around although in November they start to disappear.

Specific Feedback Requested

I am still trying to see what works best for DOF. I have read that stopping down 2 or 3 stops is best. In this photo only one stop was used because the angle I was at. Any thoughts? The background looks good here, but I had the lens almost wide open.

Technical Details

Canon 90D 100-400 ii f/4-5.8 with 1.4 extender. F/11 so only one stop down since the extender takes a stop from the lens. 1/600 ISO 1600. I have been experimenting with ISO because I do use Topaz or NEO to reduce noise and they work well. Topaz AI seems to work better both sharpen and Denoise, use denoise AI on this one.

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Wonderful colors and detail in the butterfly and flower, Dean. Personally, I think the softness and colors of the background work well in set up the butterfly. Since I don’t use either Topaz or NEO to reduce noise, can’t say anything about that. But I am enjoying the photo as a last days of fall reminder. Nicely done.

Dean, the BG looks really nice to me. It looks like with my old eyes that the wide-open f-stop still gave you a sharp image of the BF and flower. The light looks a bit harsh, but you managed it well. You might could selectively pull the brightness down on the BF and flower. Great shot.

Dean, those are lovely colours. As the wings are closed, it was a good opportunity to focus as wide open as possible, getting the back of the camera (ie sensor) parallel with the wingface. This might have blurred the BG even more. In this case, I’d tone down (desaturate) the BG a bit, as to my eye it competes a little. I like the square crop too.

I tamed down the flower a bit and desaturated the background @Shirley_Freeman , @Mike_Friel , @linda_mellor . Thank you for your comments

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I think that improved this nice image, Dean.