Desert Floor

Another one from my Utah trip. This type of scene is very understated and very easy to walk by, but I enjoy this type of image.

D850, 70-200mm

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I enjoy this a lot, too. There are many directions this image can go and it’s your personal vision at that point. I love the contrast between the dark rocks and the bright desert floor a lot, Harley.

A wonderful ground art collection in this scene, Harley. I especially like how you held a bit of symmetry even in the chaotic scatter of the objects. As well as no items being cutoff by the edges of the frame. Yep, we gotta look down more often… :+1:

This is beautiful. The contrast between the dark stones and the white clay is striking. It does pay to look down!

Thanks for the kind comments, @Adhika_Lie , @Bonnie_Lampley and @Paul_Breitkreuz . It certainly does pay to look down and I enjoy looking for scenes like this. The desert floor can be quite engaging if one is open to it.