Desert floral cascades

I was struck by the appearance of various flowers rolling off the slope like so many waterfalls.
Desert dandelion, Phacelia, Chuparosa

Appreciate any feedback. Does the waterfall feeling come off to you? Are colors OK?

Interesting mix of wild flowers and colors. I like the pano crop as it makes flow easier - from right lower corner to left upper. It is interesting you made the comment about water fall feeling. You are right, it does give you a feeling of water flowing down the slope.

The colors work well for me in this image - they really pop. The yellow at top and bottom nicely frames the image and makes for good color management. I can visualize your waterfall analogy. The image makes a nice intimate landscape. Are the red flowers related to Indian Paintbrush? Well done.

Please view this Big to get the full impact of the image. Nicely seen and captured.

Chuparosa (red lips) has a flower paintbrush, but they are in differemt families.

Thanks, Dick. I had not heard of Chuparosa before.

Dick: I do very much like the flow of this. My immediate impression was that this is too dark and on opening it about 90% of the image is in the dark 1/3 of the histogram. I increased the exposure one full stop overall and think it gives the image more life. Back to you. >=))>

Great improvement. Thanks @Bill_Fach