Desert Silhouettes

No matter how long I study the land, I’m still amazed at the endless variations, the impossible new sight of beauty that confronts me. You can see some overshot landscape a thousand times but when you are standing there, feeling a warm breeze caress your face or the distant sounds of things of mystery, it dawns on me it must be experienced, tasted, felt before it is truly real. Moments at Monument Valley as the first light arrives…hidden morning, desert silhouettes.

Fuji Xt2
Fuji 18-55mm
Adobe Lightroom/SilverEfex Pro

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Mark, thanks for sharing another one of your really special B&W creations!

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I really like this photo. I’ve been there twice for sunrise and have several of the “overshot color version” shots, but have never seen a B+W version. This is unique and works very well. Good job!

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Cheers Alan and happy 2019!


Thanks Tony! I wanted to create something in B&W and this image spoke to me. Happy 2019!


Great idea going with the silhouette look here. Removing the textures and details in the rocks here really lets us focus on the amazing shapes made by their outlines. Nice man!

Cheers mate! In the words of Amy Winehouse…back to black.


Really nice Mark. The choice of B&W puts a very different spin on what we normally see from this iconic location. The silhouette of the Totem Pole seems to be leaping off the screen. And your processing of the clouds is nice, they complement the silhouettes without overwhelming it.

Thanks Ed! Such a beautiful place and I look forward to returning one day.