Destitution Road

From last month in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. Shot with iPhone…of all the ones I shot with my phone and my mirrorless camera this was my favorite composition.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all feedback welcome.

Technical Details

Nice find!
My eye goes right to that orange rock. It doesn’t add much for me and detracts from the main subject. Hope that helps.

What a wonderful image. I do agree with Matt about the rock however. The colors really work well for me. By the looks of the grass you would guess it’s a sunny day with heavy cloud cover. But if can get over that then that contrast in in sunny and shady works quite well. Another words it works well if you don’t take things literally.

Hey Jeff, really nice and balanced composition, no nits on it except the rock which I agree is distracting. However, that can be fixed by simply shifting the hue of the reds and oranges of the moss more toward yellow and green, so that it blends in with the grass. To Igor’s point about the grass, I think the bottom edge (more so the left side) needs vignetting, as that grass is pretty bright and saturated, and distracts a bit from the rest of the scene.


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Appreciate the comments/feedback. Makes total sense. Particularly appreciate the sample edit.

Wow – a stunning scene, with the old building set against the fresh grass and the wonderful sky! I think Alex’s edits take it from a 9.5/10 to a 10.5.

That’s so very kind of you Diane - thanks!