Dewy Dragonfly

The dragonfly season is coming to a close …and a few weeks left. We havent got much dew this year…

When i get close they try to fly off , how ever the cold and the heavy dew drops keep them in place…
6Dii, 180 Tamron

Balan Vinod

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The clarity of this df’s face and eyes looks great Balan. It does come with quite the covering of dew, giving it a nice sparkle.

Beautiful macro shot, Balan. Our dragonflies are gone here in NC. At least, I haven’t seen any in awhile, and we have got a freeze a few times. I have yet to get them with dew, but I don’t get out early enough to see dew on them. Usually when I am out early for photography, it is looking for wading birds, etc., so I miss the df’s with dew. Great job on this one.

nice shot and great angle. love the “face” on these!

Balan: I like your DOF/POF choice here and the dew is icing on a very nice cake. Great find and a superb capture.>=))>