On second thoughts, it could actually be a female baby sitting on the mothers shoulder. It was running all over the mother.
The male too usually is as big as this little one on the shoulder. There are a few dozen of these around. With a problem of plenty I decided to make images of the one at about 7 feet from the ground, just to get a two tone

background. The ones lower were giving me the usual, clean green bg.
Nephila pilipes northern golden orb weaver or giant golden orb weaver
6DII, 180 Macro, ISO 400, 1/250, F8
Balan Vinod

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Balan, this is a fine close look at these spiders. The two tone background looks good, with the softness that the bright areas add mixing well with the oof areas of the web and female. I wonder if the little one is the male, but don’t know enough to be confident.

That’s pretty interesting, Balan. My only experience with dimorphism is with the Golden-silks in Louisiana, where the males hang out nearby during breeding season. I am certainly no spider expert, but my best guess it’s a baby. You did a nice job to get good focus and exposure in difficult lighting and at such a close distance.

Hi Balan,

The little spider is a male which has the tips expanded on its pedipalps. Many male spiders are killed and devoured by the female during mating so small and fast works the best for a lot of males. well done…jim

Excellent detail, and getting the second spider - no matter what it is - is a great achievment!
Very fine image!