“Disarray” - October, 2020.

Shattered remains of the Northern California coast.

Fujifilm X-T3, Samyang 12mm f/2 lens, Breakthrough X4 10-stop ND.


I like the atmosphere and the look of the water due to the exposure time you chose. A different perspective and kind of calm.

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Thanks so much, @karlag . It was such an enjoyable foggy day on the coast. I wanted to use a slower shutter to soften up the water, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding atmosphere.

@Dustin_Waits - Success, in my opinion!

Karla :iphone:

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Beautiful - love the LE on the waves.

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Thanks, @Terrance_Alexander!

Dustin, I really appreciate your juxtaposition of the tangible and delicate details in the foreground with the foreboding atmosphere in the distance.


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Tremendous mood and atmosphere, I feel like I am being swept out to sea. This is one of those images that successfully creates a sense depth and gives the viewer a feeling of being right there in the image. I especially like how you handled the fog in processing, the coolness of the fog adds a lot of mood to the scene.

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This is excellent! I really like the look, the feel and the mood of this image. Nice work Dustin!

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Thanks @Peter_Richter, @Ed_McGuirk, and @Nick_Bristol for the great feedback and kind comments. I definitely tried to maintain the cold, ominous atmosphere that I experienced there that day, hence the filter and shutter selection. This was a very easy photograph to make as nature did all the work for me. Post was just a matter of minor tweaks for selective contrast and a slightly cooler temp for mood. I love dark and foggy days like that so it was a really nice day to make some photography.

I like this image very much as well. It has a calmness from the fog yet a lot of energy from the surf spreading in a radial fashion. These contrasts work well together. I also like the contrast of the sharp foreground against all the vagueness… The image would be less interesting without it.