Discussion: E124 with Tim Parkin

Welcome to the official discussion for E124 with Tim Parkin! What did you think of the episode?

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Hi Matt,
I enjoyed the conversation and Tim is obviously a very competent and accomplished photography. I would like to critique and make a suggestion.

Tim talked about the difference between using large format and 35mm but didn’t really give detail. I have always had interest in large format and 4x5 format. I wish Tim had talked in more detail about how to get started in large format. What kind of equipment and supplies is needed and the cost involved. It’s nice hearing about ×workshops and issues he has but that’s basically stuff you want to know but necessarily what listeners want to hear. I hope you’re not offended by the criticism and suggestion.

Best wishes,

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Hi George!
I’m glad you enjoyed the discussion and I am not offended by your suggestion at all.
I would recommend you listen to the Ben Horne Episode too.

I can’t always know what people will want to hear or learn and often the conversation just takes a life of its own. =)

Thanks for suggestion I’ll check out Ben.

I understand that you can’t control guest but as the moderator/interviewer you should control the direction of the conversation because you ask the questions. Just my 2c.

Often the conversation is directed by me based on what I am curious about. I’m generally not curious about things that you can figure out with a few google searches. I like to know what makes people tick, how they approach the creative process, etc.

Hi Matt, like I said over on Patreon this was a fantastic episode. I really enjoyed it and thought that the conversation was well-balanced and covered a lot of great stuff. Thanks for getting him on the show!

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Glad you enjoyed this one Tim. I was thinking about you a lot when we were chatting.