Discussion of E110: Brian Rueb

Welcome to the discussion! Let’s talk about the episode with Brian Rueb! What did you like? What didn’t you like? What did you learn?

Here is a link to the episode: https://www.mattpaynephotography.com/gallery/brian-rueb-interview/

Just finished the podcast. I liked the comments about not taking ourselves too seriously. Agree that some have too big of an ego. It’s photography, not curing cancer. I also got a laugh about the Guy Tal comments. Love his work but yeah, hard to grasp some of what he writes. Photography means a lot to most of us I’m sure but that level of thinking is deeper than what I’m capable of or want to go for the general public to read.

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I thought your guest was cynical on this episode Matt.

Someone who I think has a different point of view and who I recommend for your show is Bruce Percy. I think Bruce would bring some inspirational insights to landscape photography as an art

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I quite like him but I can see how he is Polorising. I think a lot of what he said about social media was bang on.

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Oh, I think Brian is proud to be cynical haha, but you’re totally right.
I reached out to Bruce Percy in 2017 to be on the show and he has never returned my email.
I can always try again =) It also helps if anyone has a connection with him and can introduce us.

@Matt_Payne I don’t know Bruce but am a customer of his. I’ll reach out with the offer and let you know if I get a response.

I think I remember you posting a few months back about post processing resources. I found Bruce’s books on tonal adjustments and photoshop curves very useful.

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Really loved this episode, Matt. I always find it fascinating hearing other peoples takes on photography. I feel like I would greatly enjoy being a fly on the wall over beers between you guys, which is always a sign of a great podcast guest. Thank you!

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Great episode. I share the background of working in a commercial photo lab - PhotoCraft in Portland during thelate 80s, and although I never worked front counter, I had similar experiences as Brian.


Haha I’d love to hear your stories sometime my man!

Sure, Matt! One involves Michael Jackson as we did the printing for the “Leave Me Alone” video produced in Portland by animator Jim Blashfield, who also did the video for “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears. But mostly is was poorly done, crazy nude photos! But sometimes good ones came through!