Distant peaks

This is the sole image I captured on a recent hiking weekend on the Epirus regions in Greece. I was hiking with a group, and this is always challenging to me regarding photography. Stops are not so easy or as relaxed as I’d like… In any case, I saw these peaks on the horizon behind the trees, on my descent back to the trail head on the first day. It was around noon and the light was really harsh, but I found the forms and lines in the image interesting, so I gave it a try.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Fujifilm X-T4,
Fujinon 16-80mm lens @ 56.5mm, f7.1, ISO 160, 1/640

The shapes of the hills are interesting. I like the way the curve of the foreground hills frames the background ones. This might make an interesting b&w since it’s about the tonality and shapes, more so than the color.

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A very nice scene, and the midday light isn’t a big problem for me. Very nicely framed. I like the detail in the distant hills and the gradient in the sky is wonderful. I wonder if a touch more detail in the dark trees could be brought out without losing the drama.

I immediately had the same impression as @Bonnie_Lampley. Here is a quick try in b&w.

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I like the simplicity of the three bands of colour/shapes Nikos. I would consider cropping up from the bottom a little.
(I share your challenge of taking photos while walking in groups… I always seem to be last, sometimes by a long distance!)

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@Ola_Jovall and @Bonnie_Lampley I also experimented with B&W versions, to emphasise form. I ended up with the color version as I think that colour is an integral part / adds to the composition. Both versions work in any case… Thanks for the feedback!

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