Dolphin Voyage

I had an amazing opportunity to head out for a few hours on a friend’s boat off the coast of Oceanside, CA a couple weeks ago. I joined Jennifer Renwick and David Kingham on their quest for some dolphin images. In addition to the photography, I was intoxicated with the clarity of the ocean, the way the light beams pierced through the water and, of course, the show the dolphins put on again and again. Hopefully, my buddy won’t get tired of me asking to go back out to sea.


I love the little fin poking out and the rays coming down, such a good time!

Such a cool image. The perspective is awesome. Lovely capture.

What a great experience! The color of that water is pretty incredible! I’ve never experienced anything like that. Jimmy, have you played with this image in BW? I’d be curious to see how well it would work.

Thanks Erik. It was indeed a fascinating morning. The water was insane. Not sure we’ll get those conditions again, but I am going to try for sure. As for the bw treatment…I honestly did not want to step on Jennifer’s toes. She said it was cool, so I went ahead and did one. I really like it, but that blue color is something else.

I get that. Jennifer’s work is truly outstanding and her processing approach to her dolphin images is a big part of it. Going BW really makes them stand out, especially if you crop the bright area off the top or add a bit of extra vignette. Either way, great stuff!

I will just keep messing with it when I get a chance…that was a quick bw conversion, so lots of ways I can work it out. It would be fun to go back and see them all in bw.

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Jimmy! I love both BW and Color. If it were me Id go with the color. Theres a bit of posterization in the BW thats coming across in my monitor. I love the top dolphin casting the 'tail" shadow on the below dolphin. Nice Catch!

I just went to comment on this image and the image doesn’t show up until I click on the link. Is that the plan for how things will work?

The dolphin’s look great, but I especially like all of the subtle details in the water, like the shadows and the ripples. The b&w version also looks great.

Wow, this is awesome! I love the light textures radiating from the centre. Wonderful image.

I definitely like the B/W better. I believe working out some better tonality, possibly cropping a bit off the top would be helpful. We have “dolphin cruises” here in Savannah, but usually a boatload of 20—30 people cruising around a shrimper as they throw back fish caught in the nets. The dolphins get a little wild, along with pelicans and seagulls. Impossible shooting conditions, to say the least!