Double-created Cormorant Portrait

When I was back in Colorado for a week, I found this very cooperative Cormorant. Usually they don’t let me get so close, but he was on a small pond which has some joggers every morning, so I assume he was more used to people being close to him. I used the opportunity to tale some portrait images. This was a completely overcast morning.

Canon 1DXM2, 600mm f/4, 1/800 at f/8, ISO 1600

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Very nice portrait, Kurt! The backward look makes for a well balanced image and the colors + detail are excellent.

Beautiful detailed portrait, Kurt ! Love the head turn. Cheers, Hans

Very nice portrait. The green background really sets the cormorant off and creates a nice color symmetry with the eye. Love the pose.

Excellent detail, color, clarity, and background. They won’t get close for me; nice to have this opportunity in good light.

Lovely portrait, Kurt. I love the feather detail in the shoulders.

I really like the pose here. Wonderful detail and light, Kurt. Interesting that the overall color doesn’t suggest cloudy conditions at all. Just curious, is the bright green duck weed or reflections? Whatever it might be, the colors are quite appealing.

Thanks Bill. The water color is from the reflections of the trees. I had to move my position to get this background.