Dragon's Mouth Springs

This is Dragon’s Mouth Springs in the Mud Volcano area of Yellowstone. It constantly huffs and puffs with heavy mist and hot water pulsing out of the cave entrance. (R5, 24-105 @ 31, 1/60 s, f/9, iso 800, tripod)



Wow, first thing that comes to mind is that this sure looks like a dangerous, menacing if not a deadly place - Of course which in turn can convey beauty.

It takes a second, but upon discovering - the billowing steam, gas, smoke or whatever coming from the cave is fascinating! Actually a bit mysterious as there’s nothing really hinting at what is going on here (other than your description.)

I like the broader view with all the colors and details - an excellent environmental image. I’m wondering, you must have zoomed in on the cave? And I also imagine it wasn’t static and possibly going in and out? changing? I think an image just focused on that with the immediate surroundings could be pretty compelling. but then I wasn’t there so don’t know what constraints or options you had.

Fascinating for sure.


Lots to like here!
I love the color contrast.
The upper left and lower right don’t seem to add much, visually. Would there have been a way to stand further left and exclude parts of each of those?

Fascinating Mark. That mist/steam takes you off guard; it is so incongruent with the rest of the image.