Dream State 1



Inspired to post by @Bonnie_Lampley and her lovely “through the branching” images, I selectively focused through some closer branching with a wide aperture, creating what looks like an image from a dream.

I processed it to a brownish monochrome to enhance the unfocused effect and minimize distraction from color.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critique is welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D610
Nikkor 70-300mm @ 300mm
ISO 360
1/1000 sec

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Ooooh, lovely! I like the way the main tree goes in and out of haziness - that really gives this the feel of a dream. And the warm toning is lovely adds to the feeling. The only thing that catches my eye is the shadow of a vertical trunk in the background in the left 1/3 of the frame. It disrupts the flow of the dream as it cuts through the graceful curving branches. Maybe you intended that to be a disturbing element. If not, it could be lightened (with the right luminosity mask - maybe selecting just midtones).

Thanks for your comment on the distraction of the background trunks. I played a bit with a range mask in LR to isolate them the adjusted shadows, highlights, contrast, and haze. I rather like the variable haziness across the scene - it really gives it an uncertain focus. I guess I don’t mind a bit of the background trunks in an unfocused state since it is clear to me that I’m in a forested location.

I reposted and would love to hear any further comments, especially if you are still distracted by the background trunks.

Repost looks good. The variable haziness is definitely a plus.

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Matt: Intriguing image nicely conceived and executed. I do prefer the repost. Well done. >=))>

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Thank you, Bill! I prefer the repost too.