Dreamworld in paradise!

What technical feedback would you like if any? All suggestions are more then welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any? All suggestions are more then welcome .

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Nikon D810, F6.3, 1/30, iso 100, lens 16-35 at 35mm.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Fantastic! I think perhaps your best to date - At least perhaps my own favorite. The processing is excellent and this is a comp and framing that offers other possibilities for crops - but also nothing wrong with what you’ve presented here. I won’t even bother suggesting other crops because I like this so much.

One thing. What can you tell us about the small figure on the lower left edge? One of my first thoughts when I noticed the area was how the bright gaps were a bit of an eye magnet and I was going to suggest mitigated that - a crop or some processing, like burning down or something. Then… I noticed what looks like a figure, a person standing there. Looking even closer, it might even be a couple with their dog? It’s so tiny in the frame it’s hardly worth mentioning. I will say this. If you knew they were there and you timed it to include them…brilliant!. But then if you didn’t notice - and that’s perfectly understandable… then I would clone them out and somehow address the bright area that pulls the eye.

Love the light rays, beams, whatever. I’m really, really loving this image. Great work!


A very enjoyable image to look at. I personally like diffuse crepuscular rays like you have here over sunstars. I would clone out the partial figure at the edge of the tree and leave the other figure and dog. I think they provide a happy surprise for people that really look at an image carefully.

Beautiful image. So much to enjoy. I like the three dark tree trunks that anchor the central portion of the image. I like the balance of the warm leaves on the foreground with the pattern of the green/brown leaves in the trees. Of course what makes this image special is the light rays diffusing throughout the image. I must say I didn’t notice the little guy in the back but now that everyone pointed him/ her out that is the piece de la resistance.

I’m with John; I missed them too but like what they add. I agree that this is outstanding, and am with Lon in that this is my favorite of yours so far. The comp works great, and the way you used the sun to backlight the scene is perfect. Well done Ben.

Lon, thank you for this comment. To include persons or animals even so small, gives an extra to an image is my feeling. In this case they are two woman and a dog. There are so many people walking in this park. So i could easily wait to find them in the right place.I have some more images of this place on this beautiful day. Maybe I will post them, curious for opinions here on NPN.

Craig, To you I would say the same as to Lon. Thank you for your careful look at my image and for your fine comment !

John, Glad you appreciate the small figures in the back of my image. As I said to Lon and Graig such a small addition makes an image more alive in my opinion.Great comment, thank you !

Oh, wow. Just wow. I think this embodies what I am thinking when I read @Ed_McGuirk’s article a few weeks ago. This is definitely one of my favorite, too. Being able to play with the light and shadow like this requires a lot of mastery of the craft.

Thank you so much, John Williams. I am honored with your liking this image. It gives me self-confidence to go on on this way ! There are some more images from this place , maybe I will post them just to see opinions here on NPN.

Thank you so much Adhika !! And I am just an 71 year young amateur . You make me go on in this way. At least I will give it a try.

Just pure delight, Ben - a wonderful moment to have captured so well. The hues look great within this play of light and shadow, and I love the detail of the figure in the distance ( with or without their companion and dog ) - reminiscent of the tiny figures you spot around the frame in Bruegel paintings.

Beautiful light Ben. Exposure could not be better. I wish I could walk right into the scene.