Dreamy Pitcher Plants

Edit #2 (Cropped a bit form the top and toned down the trees a bit)

An in-camera double exposure of a Yellow Pitcher Plant in a meadow surrounded by pine forests. I used an in-camera double exposure with two different focus points, one focused on the pitcher plant and the other on the forest in the distance.

Specific Feedback Requested

The image was taken in the early morning hours on a very humid morning so it made for a fairly dreamy, low contrast scene. I wonder if the contrast is perhaps a bit too low for some?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon EOS R
Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II at F/2.8

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Oh the light is really great here, but I feel like the trees and the plant are competing for my attention. Could you have gotten a little higher up? Sometimes I find that helps isolate low to the ground things like these. Maybe cropping some of the trees would help. A scroll crop seems to, especially the very bright trunk toward the right center.

I’ve never played with double exposures and maybe I should. It resulted in something artistic and interpretive, yet recognizable, too. Nicely done. The exposure looks spot on.

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I LOVE the pitcher plants!! They are very dreamy and the grass is lovely! I’d crop out the trees.

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Nicely done. Pitcher plants are hard to photograph without a lot of interference (well, at least for me), so your double exposure really works to isolate them. The low contrast works for me. I agree with Kris and Diane about the background trees - they are competing for attention. If you wanted to keep them, perhaps try a square crop. That would reduce the visual weight of the trees. Maybe darkening the trees and bringing down the brightest lights on them would work, too.

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Dvir …those pitchers are the icing on the cake !!

Balan Vinod

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I really like the double exposure technique you used. It resulted in a beautifully soft and textured image. Congratulations!

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Wonderful composition and the the double-exposure makes all the more dynamic. I could see cropping off about half the trees to focus even more attention on the Yellow Pitcher Plant.

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Thank you for your reply Kristen! I went ahead and cropped it a bit from the top (and darkened the bright trunk a bit).

Thank you for your reply Diane! I went ahead and cropped a bit from the top.

Thank you for your thoughts Bonnie! I agree that it is hard to isolate pitcher plants and I spent quite a lot of scouting finding this specific one in a clearing that was relatively free of clutter. I went ahead and posted a new version that crops a bit from the top and tones a trees down a notch,

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Thank you for your thoughts Tony! I went ahead and cropped a bit from the top. Not half the trees but a bit less than 1/4 and I do feel that it helps to reduce the weight of the trees on the exposure but I imagine some will find that it needs to be cropped further.