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I love this picture. Beautiful simplicity

Lovely!! Maybe the most pleasing picture I’ve seen of these things…

@Diane_Miller @Marie_SalmeronSerrano Thank you!

I thought about putting up geese on the water shot for this week’s theme, but maybe I won’t now. Superb!

Wonderful capture, Chris. Love that there is just a hint of trees in the background and the reflectioins in the foreground.

@Kris_Smith @linda_mellor Thank you very much for your comments!

An excellent photo of geese in the fog, Chris! The shoreline & trees in the background are just visible enough to turn it into a landscape photo. The interesting thing is that the longer I look at it the more visible the background becomes and even the colors of the leaves become more noticeable. It’s a very tranquil/peaceful scene. I did notice that although the small image is sharp (the site seems to apply sharpening when it automatically downsizes the images) but the large version could probably use a little extra sharpening after sizing it for posting.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a little tech challenged and not sure how to do this. I resize when I export the photo from LR to my desktop and then import it to NPN. How do I sharpen after exporting to my desktop? Or, am I not doing this correctly at all?

Chris; I don’t use LR but if I remember right, one of the export output settings is sharpening. Unfortunately I believe it’s very limited as far as controlling the sharpening process. I think the choices are low, standard & high. I would use standard if your original photo is pretty sharp. It should sharpen the file as it downsizes and exports to jpg. Hopefully someone who uses LR regularly will be able to correct me or provide more details. I use Paintshop Pro for final processing and I use a photoshop plugin (Power Retouche sharpening) to sharpen the downsized file BEFORE I convert it to jpg for publishing. That gives me much more control over the sharpening process.

Here is a sharpened version of your image (expand it to the large version to see the difference):