Driftwood Abstract 4

Another close-up (not macro) image from my favorite driftwood site. The first one with this lens. @Bonnie_Lampley 's Driftwood Crenulations inspired me to share this.

Specific Feedback Requested

The idea is to present something enjoyable, whimsical, and worth seeing on the wall for a while.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5DIII EF100mm f/2.8 ISO 400 f/10 Tripod
I wish I had used a smaller aperture, as I had a focus issue due to DOF to deal with in processing.
Lightroom for color, crop, haze (polarizer not used),
Photoshop and Topaz detail to address depth of field issue and TK7 for freehand vignette


Dick, I enjoying the lines and shapes in this image. From looking at just the thumbnail, it felt like I was looking at an aerial view. I’m not sure why you were dealing with focus falloff with that lens at f10. When I pulled it up to large view, some of the lichen in different locations in the image seem not as sharp as others, which, to me, would indicate they weren’t on the same focus plain, and so a smaller f-stop might have even been better. I have that same camera and lens, and don’t recall any focus falloff. I do love the scene.

Absolutely a focal plane /DOF error; not the lens’ fault.

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Well, that is a cheerful little scene. The knobbly lichens contrast well with the wood crenulations. And I feel your pain with the focal plane issues. I have ever so many images with poor focus around the edges. Usually, it’s because we’re on a hike and I don’t bring a tripod, although even if I did, no one would want to wait around - lol.