Droplets on Ochre Leaf

This past month I borrowed a 16mm extension tube and tried my hand at macro photography. It has been very exciting. As I began to get more involved in the process, I started to notice that it was as though I was taking pictures of landscapes. I was seeing a topography, a whole world of nuanced shape and form. I began to get the sense that getting closer doesn’t change the essential quest – to clear away the noise and get to the essence of my own experience. Anyway, here is one of my favourites from this experiment. I would appreciate any feedback that might help me take this further.
EXIF: Fuji Xt2, Fujinon 55-200mm, ISO 400, 90mm, f/14, 1/60 sec.

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This is a great image. Water drops on colorful, detailed leaves make for a wonderful subject. You have good control over depth of field (which can be tricky with macro shots), and the lighting is excellent. Kerry, you are correct that macro lenses do open another world of landscapes- albeit on a tiny scale. I look forward to your future macro shots.

Beautiful image!!! Love the colors and great and fascinating detail. Very good stuff.

Marc and Harley, thanks for your very positive feedback. I suspect this foray into macro photography will have a very positive effect on my landscape work as well.

Proof that nature works the same way regardless of scale - I would call the image Fractals of Gold

“Fractals of Gold” - thanks, I like it!

Wonderful image - it caught my eye!

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