E127 Discussion - Ian Plant

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed our latest episode that went up yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that I will need some help in creating these for the next month as I will be out driving, so if anyone wants to help do that on the next couple of Wednesdays that would be great =)

What did you think of E127 with @Ian_Plant ? =)

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Looking forward to listening to it Matt! I’m a couple of episodes behind.

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I can help Matt,

I haven’t heard this episode yet though

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Thanks man! Do you think you could create a thread for the next two episodes that go out?

Hey Matt,

For sure. If you’re on the road for photography I hope you get good light! I’m in the Canadian Rockies at the moment and the fall colours are on as is the first snow on the peaks

Awesome, yes, we will be on the road here in Colorado. Jealous of your situation. Thanks for your help!