E188 Discussion: Photo Cascadia Team

This week on the podcast, I hosted the Photo Cascadia team, including Sean Bagshaw, Adrian Klein, Zack Schnepf, Erin Babnik, David Cobb, and Kevin McNeal. This powerhouse team of landscape photographers have inspired so many of us on our journeys in this craft, so it was a real honor to host the whole team for a chat. Unfortunately, Chip Phillips was not able to join us for this recording due to the joys of parenting during COVID-19.

The Photo Cascadia team and I discuss some interesting topics this week, including:

  • Their new book celebrating the beauty and diversity of the State of Oregon through photographs, “Oregon, My Oregon,”
  • The power and significance of the foreword of the book by Nicholas Kristof,
  • The impact of climate change on the landscapes we all love to photograph,
  • The impact that increased visitation is having on locations we love to photograph (and some positives of this),
  • The therapeutic effects of landscape photography during a global pandemic,
  • How to instill respect for nature and the environment, and more

Let us know what you think.