E199 Discussion: Anna Morgan

I had a wonderful conversation with a landscape photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia:
Anna Morgan .

Anna grew up in the United Kingdom but later relocated to Vancouver, BC to practice veterinary medicine. She recently sold her veterinary practice to pursue a Master’s Degree and start a family. Through her Master’s Degree, she decided to write her thesis on quite a fascinating topic: The Role of Photography and the Photographer in Conservation. The frameworks by which Anna used to organize her thesis have far-reaching application to understanding photographers, photography, and how we can think about each from varied perspectives. Anna was gracious enough to send me a copy of her thesis, which I read prior to our conversation.

Anna and I discuss some interesting topics this week, including:

  • The role of photography and the photographer in conservation,
  • Content-driven themes including truth, experience, and beauty, and how these themes interplay with situated knowledge including emotions, interests, meanings, attitudes, beliefs, and values,
  • How misrepresentation of truth in photography could hinder conservation efforts (and other impacts of misrepresentation),
  • The importance of representation of women in photography and art and the roles women can play in addressing the climate crisis and other environmental issues,
  • How Anna’s thesis has helped me to understand and conceptualize how and why various photographers present their artwork the way they do in regards to digital manipulation,
  • And lots more!

Over on Patreon this week, Anna and I discuss the practice of Slow and Contemplative Photography and how it connects curiosity, creativity, and care for the environment.