E203 Discussion - Daniel Dietrich & Ethical Wildlife Photography

On this episode of the podcast, I was joined by our first wildlife photographer on the podcast! Welcome Daniel Dietrich to the show!

Daniel is a wildlife photographer living in Point Reyes, California and focuses a lot of his work on the wildlife native to that area. He is the founder and executive director of Conservation Kids, a non-profit he set-up to give kids experiences in nature with cameras. Daniel sits on the ethics committee for the North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA).

Daniel and I covered some very interesting topics this week, including:

  • Ethics and ethical considerations in wildlife photography,
  • Why he has chosen wildlife photography,
  • His non-profit Conservation Kids,
  • Truth in captioning in wildlife photography,
  • His workshops in Point Reyes,
  • And lots more!

Over on Patreon this week, Daniel and I discuss what he thinks makes for a good wildlife photograph.

Check out Daniel on Instagram.

Let us know your thoughts on the episode!

Listen and learn more here: https://www.mattpaynephotography.com/gallery/daniel-dietrich-conversation-ethics-in-wildlife-photography/

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