E210 Discussion - Slow Photography Movement Panel

Welcome to episode 210 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen!

This week I hosted a special panel discussion with three incredibly talented photographers who have spear-headed a wonderfully thoughtful approach to photography called the Slow Photography Movement or SPM.

Created by Ernesto Ruiz, SPM is a philosophical approach to landscape and nature photography that has incredible benefits to you, the artist. Joining Ernesto this week are Jennifer Renwick and Beth Young, who have teamed up with Ernesto to promote and elevate SPM in our community.

I really enjoyed picking their brains about the Slow Photography Movement and how adhering to it can improve your photography, your experiences as a photographer, and your overall mental well-being in this artform. So sit back, relax, grab a coffee, beer, wine, or other adult beverage of choice, and enjoy our discussion!


I’m new to the podcast - this one spoke to me since I’ve come to many of the same conclusions about nature & photography by having some of the same experiences as the folks on the panel. Lots of lessons learned about the word should. About pressure. Expectations v. reality. Output. Expression. Expertise. Ranking.

But finally it comes down to how I engage with nature - through my lens. The natural world is endlessly fascinating and making my enjoyment the priority has slowed me down considerably. I’m also a macro junkie and that will make you take your time and really look at what’s around you. Anyway, that was a refreshing and affirming discussion. Thanks for putting it together.

Oh and I’d totally do a workshop away from the tripod holes of the world.

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Hey Kristen! Glad to see you here! Yes, I think that was the main point of the episode - that for some people, that style constantly chasing expectation and output and location is a real turn off and that there’s an alternative way to go about it if you also feel the same way. If you don’t that’s great - good for you and keep doing you! =)