E220 Discussion - Composite Artwork w/ Cath Simard

This week on the podcast I was joined by a photographer and digital artist who lives in Quebec, Canada: Cath Simard.

Cath is a self-proclaimed composite artist whose work has a very consistent look and feel. Her artwork combines various elements from spectacular locations across the globe. Perhaps what is most refreshing about Cath’s approach to her artwork is how she has embraced describing her methodology in detail when she shares it - inspiring others to learn how to create similar work themselves.

Over on Patreon this week, Cath and I discuss NFTs. Cath breaks down the NFT marketplace for us and discusses how you can break into this emerging market if you are interested. We also discuss the climate impacts of NFTs.

I would love to hear what NPN members thought of the episode so leave your thoughts below.

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Or here is the full show notes with a transcript:

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Loved this episode! And, join us for a listener after-party tomorrow! Would especially love to hear thoughts on composite photography!

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