Early winter snowfall

Hi, this is an image I took about 1 year ago right after an early November snow fall in the Laurentian’s. I was not satisfied with the original edits and I recently re-edited this picture using newly learned PS approaches from Sean Bagshaw (an outstanding teacher, photographer and communicator). Any comments or suggestions related to the technical, artistic and post processing aspects are more than welcome.


Richard, wonderful condition and processed very nicely. But I think it could use a little bit less on the top. You are probably thinking about including the top of that cloud arch in the middle that mimics the hill but I think you need a little more at the bottom to balance that. Additionally, I am not particularly fond of the small branches on the ULC so cropping the top loses a little bit of that, too.

The snow looks like powdered sugar, nothing beats catching a forest right after a snowfall. I think the processing here looks great, exposure, contrast, color all look well handled. So you r new PS techniques are paying off for you.

Similar to @Adhika_Lie, my suggestions relate to composition. I like the curved lines here, ie the top of the hill, the mirror image of that curve created by the u-shape at the base of the hill, and even the curve of the cloud Adhika mentioned. I prefer leaving that cloud in, but agree that if you did I’d like to see more breathing room at the bottom to better balance the cloud. Since the bottom is all snow, some PS Add Canvas / Content Aware Fill could add that breathing room.

Beautiful snow scene. It looks so clean and crisp. I like everything about the shot but I do like the suggestion to crop a little off the top which puts the center of attention right on the trees in the background. I do think the blue sky draws the eye away from the main scene.

Hello Adhika, Ed and Richard, thank you so much for your reviews and critiques. Your suggestions are one of the reasons I joined NPN. I will make versions of this image experimenting with crop and branch removals on the top left corner. I also appreciate the input regarding adding to the bottom of the image. Take care.