Eastern Amberwing, male

Found this tiny dragonfly on a grass head at my neighborhood lake.

Canon 7D2, 300 f4L IS, 1.4x TC II, monopod, speedlite
ISO 400, f14, 1/200s, fill flash

Any comments appreciated.

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Beautiful capture, Allen. I like how the grass head is tilted over, and the DF’s position on it. That background really is nice and smooth, making the DF and the grass head pop. Very nicely done.

Allen: Terrific find and capture. Really good plane of focus management and sharpness all along the body. Well done. >=))>

Alan, this is really nice, I love the pose of the dragonfly, it’s very dynamic. Great job on the sharpness of the DF and the grass, it’s just right. And kudos on getting such a nice looking background, the DF really pops out from it. This is a very pleasing and well executed image !!!

Allen, a fine catch on the DF. I especially like the color coordination between the grass head’s center, the background and the DF’s eye and thorax. The amberwings are often more approachable than most DFs