Eastern Bluebird, female

Another image from yesterday at the backyard set up. A friend gave me the branch after a storm blew it down in her yard - it is rather thick but I really like all the lichen so I put it out to see what would land on it. I zoomed out in this shot to include more of it in the image.

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, tripod
ISO 400, f9, 1/320s

Any comments appreciated.

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Such a great look at this bluebird, Allen. Wonderful details, the background compliments her, and that perch makes it look like she is in her habitat. A great pallet of colors. If I was to wish for anything that might could improve this shot, is the right portion of the perch be a bit sharper, but to have got that, you probably would have had to but up the f-stop to where the background wouldn’t have been as soft and pleasing. I think I have gone to nit picking! This is a super good shot. :+1: :+1:

Wonderful detail in the bird Allen. The eye totally draws me into the photo. I like the composition and colors. Really nice photo.

Excellent portrait of an Eastern Bluebird. Very beautiful. Initially, I thought the bottom of the branch should not be cut off, but as I thought about it, doing so (if that is possible), might overemphasize the branch.

Nicely composed with a nice perch and fitting background. Excellent detail in the BB. No nits here.

Excellent use of this great perch. I like the profile angle and how you have positioned the bluebird in the frame. Sweet light and background add a lot to this image.

That is one sweet perch, Allen, and the bird is perfect for it. I like the composition, though I think you could have gone even a bit looser to get the full kink in the branch in the image. I notice that the perch is going just slightly out of focus on the right. If you remember (something I have trouble with) you can refocus on that side and snap a shot after the bird leaves and then combine the frames. The few times I’ve remembered to do it, I’ve really liked the results.

Thanks for the comments everyone! Just FYI, the branch has another segment extending from the middle so I decided to frame it without that extrusion.

@Dennis_Plank , I’ve never tried combining frames with different focus areas. I might have to try that in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.