Ebb and Flow

Glacial streams form a braided river system that flow toward and into the waves on the beach of Kachemak Bay in the Cook Inlet across from Homer Alaska. This photo was taken from a Cessna 180 as we were flying to the little fishing village of Seldovia.

Flow because of the relentless flow of water coming down these streams, ebb for the tides that carry them away.

Nikon D810 - 24-85 f/3.5 @ 85mm - 1/160" exp - f/8 - ISO 400

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I’d say this better be an aerial… if not you somehow got a new drone inside the human body! :sunglasses::roll_eyes:

Hope this isn’t considered a critique, but what’s at the bottom of the frame? incoming tide? Just curious.

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@Lon_Overacker My camera has wings. :smiley: lol

The waves from the beach can be seen in the bottom of the frame.

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Really beautiful work. They look like white flames rising from below. One can stare at this for a long time and not get tired. It’s mesmerizing.

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Braided stream systems are so cool from the air !

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Yup! This through a window then?? Rad.