Edit/admin buttons?

David, @NPN_Editor , I know I haven’t been commenting much as of late, so maybe I missed something, but I just noticed in a comment I’ve made that I don’t have and Edit button to modify a comment I just posted. Then I noticed that I also don’t see an Admin/Edit button for any post. As a Mod, I always had that ability, but also as anyone who posted, should be able to edit their own post or comments.

Not sure if I am missing something. I’m going to log out and back in to see if that changes.


Lon, there are some system bugs right now. If you hover over the location where the “edit” button was it’s still there and works as normal.

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Thanks Paul! Hoping to have this fixed soon Lon. You’ll also notice other icons missing all around the site.

Thanks Paul and David for the quick response! Guess I don’t need to provide a screenshot since this is known!

Thanks for the tip Paul! I just wanted to correct a typo in a comment.

Thanks again for all your work and support on NPN!

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Glad to have seen this - I thought it was some security setting on my computer.