Egret at Last Light

I arrived at St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge just as the sun was setting and managed to get this shot before darkness set in.

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A bird in Rembrandt light. Well seen I would crop a little tighter, lose a bit of the water.

Very cool shot. Love nature’s spotlight on the subject. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Bill: excellent capture of the bird which is spotlighted in golden light. It’s a unique photo. Richard

That’s some gorgeous end-of-day light, Bill. It’s cool the way it spotlights the Egret. I do think the hottest part of it on the breast, while it’s probably accurate, looks like a little too much of a good thing and might bear toning down a little. I really like the loose composition and included environment. It actually helps emphasize the Egret at the same time it provided context.

Bill, as a general rule I prefer framing images with an open composition like this, because a bird’s environment is always something to give it a better sense of place. You seemed to have done a nice job getting this in what looks to be a really challenging exposure, but the spotlighting on the egret and nearby grasses really makes it stand out.

Hello, Bill, always great when nature helps out with some nice spot light on the subject ! Wonderful setting. Cheers, Hans

Very nice bird and its environment image. Superb light and composition. I agree that there could be a tad of toning down on the bright spots. But I would be real happy with the photo like this.