El Karso

The Karso region is located in northern Puerto Rico. It is formed by limestone rocks dissolved by the large amount of precipitation

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This looks like a lovely area, Augusto. It looks like a great place just to sit and relax and dip the toes in the water. I could also see this working as more of a horizontal with some cropped from the right and left sides to place more of an emphasis on the lovely waterfall and the patterns in the water. Just my opinion of course.

Oooh what a gorgeous spot. It reminds me of a waterfall I used to shoot in New Hampshire, USA that had a bend in it like this, too. Overall I like it and didn’t crop the way Ed did, but I used some luminosity masking, some dodging and color changes to hopefully make a beauty of a shot even better.

Augusto, I actually like your original post best. The other posts are great interpretations, bu tI feel your shot provides the mood and feeling I would see if I were actually there. Well done.

When I took this photo I was thinking of a more intimate image of the waterfall and the riverbed. That same day I took a vertical photo from the same place to capture one idea of the geomorphology of the place and another to emphasize the waterfall itself.

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Augusto, I like the original post best too. I like the zig-zag composition, and that you processed it dark, except for the areas of white water at the falls and in the foreground. The dark process really accentuates the white water.

In regards to the original post, my only suggestion would be to darken the bright rocks touching the left frame edge, their brightness pulls my eye there too much.