Engadine Meadows

I don’t know what this meadow is officially named (or if it even has an official name) but I call it Engadine Meadows after a nearby lodge that goes by a similar name. Regardless of what it’s called, this is one of my favourite places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and I often come here even if just to take in the view for a few minutes.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything and everything :slight_smile:

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Camera: Canon 5Dmk2
Lens: Canon 45mm tilt-shift (no tilts or shifts were used)
Exposure: 1/10 sec at f/11


I love this image! The composition is exceptional and I feel like I am standing there. Love the sky too. Only thing I would change personally, is to tone down the orange a bit in the foreground. Otherwise, nice work!

I agree with Scott about the composition and the sky but feel the same about the mountains. I, however, wouldn’t change the foreground color if it matches what you observed that day. Outstanding image.

I love the rich colors and drama in the sky Tom. Your composition works well too.

This is a gorgeous capture of the Canadian Rockies. Well done.

Such a lovely fall scene. Hard to beat that meadow with the Rockies backdrop. A few years ago, I passed Engadine Lodge on my way to the Mt Shark helipad for a short flight to the Talus Lodge. That was an incredible backcountry experience! You are so fortunate to be able to visit the area so frequently.

I love the composition you came up with here. Those small group of trees in the foreground really make this image work for me. A clean meadow would have worked but not nearly as well. Color is really subjective but for me the oranges are a bit strong but not much. I would at least desaturate the yellow/oranges on the side of that mountain. It’s a truly magnificent scene and you captured it well.

Gorgeous Tom! The epitome (big word) of the classic landscape!

What’s not to love here? I especially like the composition where the draw/opening of the meadow allows the viewer to explore the entire landscape - the foreground meadow is connected to the bg mountains and sky.

Processing reminds me a bit of KR64… and that’s not a negative, but to say the colors appear natural and not Velvia-over-done… :slight_smile:

Not much to improve upon here, so my thoughts are quite minor. I might consider dodging the darker area on the lower left. I believe the vegetation is simply darker, or perhaps more in shadow from the clouds? But the darker area is a little heavy. Again, very minor. Other than that, maybe some micro-contrast in the mountains - but again this looks natural with a bit of haze or clearing-storm atmosphere.

Overall, a wonderful landscape image.

@scott_fenton , @Jim_Gavin , @Eva_McDermott , @Kathy_Snead , @Bill_Pelzmann , @Igor_Doncov , & @Lon_Overacker -

Thank you all again for the kind and insightful comments and feedback. I think I will go back to this image in Photoshop and do little more tweaking.

I’m a bit torn about the strength of the oranges in the image. Because I was there, and in my mind I think I remember the colours (I could be wrong though -memory being what it is) the oranges seem to be similar to what I saw, but on the other hand I understand that when someone views the image who doesn’t have my memory associated with it that it may seem a bit too strong and that takes away from the image. My overall goal in photography is to have the image connect with the viewer and to show them what I felt when I shot the scene, but if something seems over the top to the viewer, that connection can lessen.

Lon, I totally get what you’re saying darker area in the bottom left. In reality, just to the left of the frame is a densely forested hill that is blocking the light coming from the sun and causing the darkness. Of course, you can’t see that here in the image so I understand that it appears out of place and dark for no reason. I will definitely dodge it a bit so that the image makes more sense.

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Hi Tom, this is really just a generic comment - so applies to all other images we view. There’s the whole technology thing… sRGB, color profiling, web-enabled color mgmt, etc. I just figured out (very recently) that my monitor only displays <92% if sRGB, and like only 75% Adobe 1998 RGB… So what am I seeing when viewing images? Certainly different than someone else who has better monitors? Then again, does it even matter with a color managed browser and properly embedded profiles? Anyway, I think your oranges look good to me - oh, except for the brighter orange in the LLC… that one sticks out a bit… :slight_smile: But the idea is that #1 yes, we weren’t there to experience the color (among all the other senses) and #2, our viewing experience online is based on technology that may not be the same person to person. Again, generic comment…


Wonderfully seen landscape. If the foreground was something that impressed you when you were there, it should impress the viewer as well if that is your intent. I agree the mountains could use a little more punch to compete with the vivid colors. They are stunning as well.

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What a spectacular scene! Dramatic snow-capped peaks and autumn color - what’s not to like! Your composition showcases the splendor of this scene very well. I especially like the fact that the mountains loom large in the scene.

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Really beautiful scene you captured here Tom. The meadow is the perfect leading line into those gorgeous mountains. I think the one foreground tree that is taller than the surrounding smaller trees is perfectly placed in the scene. This feels expertly composed to me with thought and purpose. The yellow flowers leading into the scene from the right and that one red flowering bush at the left edge of the scene are so well placed. I really love the center mountain getting kissed by the warm light. The colors in the meadow, while strong, look real to me so I wouldn’t change a thing on those. Well made image Tom.

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