Enveloped Peaks

It is this peak and view again (happens to be a view point on my favorite mountain pass :sweat_smile:)

I stated early that morning to capture sunrise (which i did with some nice colors)
On the way down the pass (late morning) the storm clouds were coming in but there were some openings for the sun.
The light was something j never seen before yellow/orangeish and the clouds were swirling around those peaks.
Needless to say it was super windy.
I stopped and captured this photo which i really like but sat on for a while because the original comp was not good and i had to crop quite a bit to get to this.

Specific Feedback Requested

  1. How do you feel about the dark patches on the ULC?
    I tried to tone them down and make them less prominent using curves but nothing worked. I did not want to clone.

  2. How do you feel about the ridge on the right side? Is it a big issue and taking your eyes away?

  3. given the above, do you think an even further crop is better like below?

Technical Details

Single exposure

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Aref, what a wonderful view that must’ve been standing there.

  1. I don’t mind the dark patches. They help accentuate the lighted peaks in the middle.

  2. It does not take my eyes away. Again, I feel like it helps frame the picture.

  3. I prefer the original crop because I like the top of the peak in the back to give the picture extra depth.


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Thanks for the feedback @David_Mullin
Greatly appreciated

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Hey Aref! Good photo! I really like the pastel colors. I don’t mind the dark shadows or the ridge on the right that you mentioned. I think it all works well together.

Very nice, Aref. I see why this is one of your favorite views. I can only imagine how spectacular it would be with some pinkish light on the clouds. Nonetheless, the peaks are the stars here, along with the river leading us in.

I like the first crop, and I also like the second crop, though I think something in between the two (less of a crop than the second image) might be the sweet spot. There is a lot of the frame occupied by the ridge on the left, and without it, my eye goes deeper into the frame and it all feels a little more intimate.

If you are debating on the crops, try one that is more modest than your second option here. When I do that (see below for quickie version in windows photoviewer) the dark patch feels more dominant, so in that case cloning it out might be worth trying).

Thanks for sharing this lovely scene,

Thanks @David_Johnston for your feedback
It means a lot

Thank you @Marylynne_Diggs for the feedback.
I tried that exact crop but my issue what exactly what you highlighted (the dark patch became more distracting than before because it is at the edge) also that left peak with the clouds around it is a major point of interest that is now pushing towards the edge … tough call.

Also here is how it looked with pink clouds (earlier that same morning :smiley:)


Nice color! Yeah, the more I think about my crop suggestion, the more I feel like it doesn’t benefit the image. I do like the more intimate feel of the mountains though.

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You bet! Keep up the great work!

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This is very nice Aref! I love the view, the colours and the drama in the sky. Your first presentation (crop) gets my vote and I definitely don’t mind the dark patches in the sky. The ridge on the right isn’t a problem at all in my opinion.
This is just personal preference but if this were my image I would be inclined to boost the contrast up a little bit and add a bit of a vignette (just because I like them :slight_smile:).

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Thanks for your feedback @Tom_Nevesely

I really like the first comp, Aref. The extra sky helps to ground the rest of the image. I think the colors are great and dark patches or ridge don’t bother me at all. It’s a great image and one you should print large.


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Thanks for your feedback @David_Bostock