Episode 13 - The Art of Exploring With Sean Bagshaw

I don’t make it a secret that Sean Bagshaw has been inspirational to me as I try to improve my landscape photography year after year. Sean was one of the first photographers I started following, and one of the first photographers that I reached out to when I decided to start the podcast. I’m always excited whenever we have the chance to get together to discuss the art form we both love.

One of the things that I wanted to talk with Sean was about his journey in landscape photography. This question led to more questions that included photographing through times when you don’t want to. We even tried to tackle the age old question of why photographers and creative people go through slumps when they simply don’t want to create.

Another topic that Sean and I discussed at great length was the growing problem of overcrowding in locations that simply cannot handle a lot of foot traffic. There are areas in tourist locations that are built for heavy foot traffic, but there are also areas that become popular that cannot take several boots throughout the day.

In our discussion, Sean and I give several suggestions on how to share locations responsibly and prepare beforehand so you don’t damage a fragile ecosystem. It’s a must-listen for sure.

Did you get into photography for the adventure and exploration of nature?