Episode 18 - Landscape Photography in the UK With Nigel Danson

Do you follow Nigel on YouTube?

Nigel Danson is a well-known landscape photographer all over the globe, not just in the UK. While Nigel says he’s still getting used to being recognized in the field, he does get noticed none-the-less. Just be sure to introduce yourself when you recognize him.

I wanted to invite Nigel Danson on The Landscape Photography Show to discuss landscape photography in the UK as well as his entry into the world of full-time landscape photography and YouTube. While in Yosemite, Nigel experienced a life-threatening crash that changed his perspective on life and work. It also gave him a few guiding principles that he still uses to this day.

Nigel Danson and I also discuss other topics in our interview such as how to sell calendars as a landscape photographer. I do admit that this was a personal question I had for him. We also talk about his recent venture into the life of a camper van.

Lastly, I wanted to finish our interview with a shout-out to Pebbles, Nigel’s dog. It was funny to hear about the challenges Nigel faces whenever he takes Pebbles into the field with him.