Episode 19 - Vermont Landscape Photography With Kurt Budliger

Have you been to Vermont to shoot photos?

Do you practice adventure or sports photography like Kurt?

The moment that Kurt Budliger and I set up a time to chat for The Landscape Photography Show, I knew that he’d be a great guest. Kurt is always up for a good time and he was even nice enough to record with me on his 50th birthday.

I wanted to talk to Kurt Budliger about several topics. One of the most interesting things I find about all photographers is their approach to photography. What’s going through their minds? Since Kurt does a lot of outdoor sports and landscapes, I wanted to see if he had a different mindset going into each photographic shoot. His answer may surprise you like it did me.

Kurt and I also dug into several other topics as well. One of those being regulations that surround workshops and drone use in restricted areas. Using drones has become a popular way to see the landscape differently, but they also disturb other people and wildlife in the parks. Not only that, how does the national park system handle the growing amount of photographers offering workshops. Should more regulations be implemented on those workshops as well?

Finally, since I’ve never been to Vermont, it was interesting to hear Kurt’s views on the state. After listening to his thoughts on Vermont, it may be close to the top of your list of places to photograph. He makes a great ambassador to the state.