Episode 2 = Photo Style and Full-Time Photography With Mark Denney

Mark Denney has definitely been one of the breakout landscape photographers of 2019, and there’s a very good reason for that. Mark has a brilliant way of speaking, teaching, and just flat out talking about landscape photography. I started following Mark Denney on YouTube ever since I was in the market for a new photography bag and he was reviewing some I was interested in. Ever since then I’ve been listening to him.

In this episode of The Landscape Photography Show, Mark Denney and I talk about a lot of different things. First, I wanted to ask Mark about his recent jump into going full-time with his landscape photography. What are the challenges that he’s faced so far along with the successes.

Second, we discuss YouTube life. This is something I wanted to ask because I share a lot of the same experiences that Mark has in the YouTube realm.

Among other things, Mark and I also discussed his photo style which I find unique. I actually gave a rough description of what Mark likes to do in his images, and then Mark educates me on the use of soft colors in landscape photography.