Episode 30 - How to Sell Landscape Photography Prints With Ryan Smith

Do you sell your own photo prints?

When I spoke with landscape photographer Ryan Smith, I quickly discovered that he was super calculated in his answers. I like that because I pride myself in asking questions that make people think extra hard. Ryan definitely challenged me to ask deeper, more difficult questions as we spoke.

One of the topics that I wanted to ask Ryan about was how to sell landscape photography prints. More and more photographers are saying how difficult it is to sell prints, or that print sales are completely dead. There are still a handful of photographers who sell prints, and Ryan is one of the best. So, how is he doing it? We get into that in this episode.

Ryan and I also discussed the topics of seeing locations differently. It can be really difficult to visit iconic locations and not be tied to a specific composition. However, Ryan offers up some advice that can be extra helpful if you do find yourself struggling to see more create photos of a popular place.