Episode 31 - Connecting Experiences and Landscape Photography With David Dinette

Are past experiences the reason you began taking photos?

We all have those moments in our lives that we can look back to and feel what was happening physically and emotionally. We remember exactly what was going on in our lives while also seeing the image that was created during it all.

David Dinette has that connection through his landscape photography with fond memories of fly fishing with his grandfather in the Sierra Mountains in California. In this episode of The Landscape Photography Show, David and I discuss his connection with the landscape and how he still has those feelings. It actually brought back fond memories of when I was first starting out in photography and my own connection with nature when I was a kid.

During our talk, David and I also addressed other topics like how he and his wife, Nicki Frates, balance their trips into the outdoors. Since both are landscape photographers, we discussed how they are able to bounce ideas off one another, discuss style, and how they work together to enjoy the experience in the field.

At the end of our conversation, I wanted to ask David about his thoughts on preservation of his favorite places and how people can actually think of themselves as influencers to help protect the environment. With crowds continuing to grow in parks, this could be a realistic approach of using social media as a platform to influence appropriate actions while visiting public lands.