Episode 34 - A Deep Dive Into the Mind of a Photographer With Michael Shainblum

Is the photographers’ mind complex?

You may have watched some videos, tutorials, or listened to other podcasts on photography with Michael Shainblum, but I wanted to dive deep into the depths of his mind on the art of photo creation, telling stories, and even what the life of a photographer is really like. It turns out, Michael Shainblum isn’t so different than you.

Following Michael for a number of years now (and having him on my previous podcast), I’ve watched his work, following, and style in photography grow into what it is today. My favorite part about all of that is seeing how Michael hasn’t changed as a person. Picking up the phone with him is like you spoke a week ago and you’re just catching up from where you left off.

In this podcast episode, Michael and I discuss his journey starting out in photography, including how photography has helped him through every tough time in his life and what it was like getting the first paid gigs doing what he loves.

We also discuss how he is able to create stories in his mind that are then portrayed in an image, even if it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything in the field (thanks Gavin…).

There are many more topics that Michael and I discuss in this episode, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!