Episode 50 - Photography From the Host's Perspective With David Johnston

Let me be very clear with everyone… this episode was not my idea. However, I did think it was a good idea after weeks of debating whether or not to do it in my head.

It started several weeks ago when a good friend of mine, Kevin Jordan, sent me a text while I was in the drive-thru line at Chik-fil-a. The text read something to the effect of him interviewing me for my own show so that I could share my thoughts too.

At first, I was set on saying no. Why? Because the show isn’t mine. Yeah, I host the show, but the content is up to the guests that come on and their answers. The guests make the show. Not to mention that you hear from me every week.

After much thought, though, I did come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea if you learned more about me and my journey in photography. I did have two stipulations…

  1. Under no circumstance did I want to know any of the questions that were going to be asked.
  2. I would answer ANY question that Kevin asked.

I hope you enjoy it.