Eugenia's Secret

How’s that for a title? The secret is who is Eugenia? Well, Eugenia isn’t a who it’s a what. Point Eugenia extends like a giant hook from the west coast Baja. Photographers come from all over the world to photograph the rocks at Weston Beach, Pt Lobos, California. But Pt Eugenia must have similar geology because there are spots like this along the peninsula. Great subjects for lovers of intimates of rocks, of which I am one.

There were several compositions I saw here and I’m still processing them and evaluating them. The moment I saw this my antenna went up. But there was direct sunlight on it so I had to wait for the shadow to lengthen and cover it because I saw this as a calm subject. There is many directions to go in processing this one but this is my initial stab at it.

D810, 24-70mm


This image gets more interesting the longer I study it.
Beautiful soft flowing colors interrupted with harsh sharp cracks and edges that create depth and balance.
No nits from me, well seen Igor!

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Beautiful textures and a fine abstract composition, Igor. The intriguing thing about the image is how these hard rocks have an organic feel - almost like an egg being cracked open - which somehow adds depth to one’s response.

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A really beautiful intimate scene Igor, I agree with you this is a “calm” subject and the soft light was needed to bring out the most in it. The pastel blue/purple color here is lovely. I also like how the distribution of cool and warm colors help to reinforce the 3D feeling of this , with the way the warm colors wrap around the blue knob.

This is one of those abstract images that can work rotated into several different orientations. I like it rotated 90 degrees clockwise. And I also like it rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, then flipped horizontal. With something like this the possibilities can be endless.

Nice seeing on your part, and well done.

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What a cool shot, Igor. I also love images like this. Good eye to see this and I like the way you have the image does have a 3D look to it.

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I agree with you about this working from different perspectives. I don’t know if you are familiar with Anil Rao’s group of images he calls ‘Fractures’. Well, several years I received a copy of them (there are maybe 12 prints) and as I laid them on the floor I wanted to flip virtually every one from the way he had them printed. I just couldn’t see the justification for some of the orientation he had chosen. In this case, I am just presenting them in the manner decided in the field. A fair amount of decision making went into how the subject was oriented within the frame but not the orientation of the frame itself.


Very nice rock abstract. I am quite enjoying the shapes, colors and textures. The comp comes together nicely. No suggestions here.

To me, this is perfect in so many different ways. From this and the one you posted before, I realize that these are scenes that I would easily miss. You have a very good eyes noticing these rocks, Igor. Thanks for sharing these visions with us.

Must see this image enlarged to appreciate it! Tremendous colors/lines/shapes. I love those tiny pebbles in the cracks. To me, the contrast is restrained, adding to the gentleness of the scene despite the hard cracks/edges. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for sharing this inspirational image. I don’t have sandstone around where I live…so rock like this is very uncommon. I love this.

A little eye trickery going on here. My mind flips from one side of the crack to the other; one side prominent then the other. Great abstract, well done, Igor

You have captured some splendid detail and texture Igor. I also like your use of diagonals in your composition.

Igor, this is an excellent photograph. Great colors, shapes and texture. No nits from me.

I was not familiar with Anil’s “Fractures”, thanks for sharing the link. These rock formations near Yosemite look very similar to those I’ve seen in posts from @Lon_Overacker here at NPN, I assume they must be from the same location?

Hi @Igor_Doncov, you captured a very nice intimate sceme, i love this shot. I like composition and post processing a lot. Thanks for sharing.

My first visit here in awhile, but had to stop and comment on this. I absolutely love rockscapes and this one is a real beauty, Igor. Love your chosen composition and your processing, as always, is perfect. Magnificent image in every aspect.

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no comments here other than it’s an intriguing image. Compsoition is spot on. Line eminate from the perfect locations. Great balance. Great capture and nicely presented.

As one who gets hung up on the big scenes, I really appreciate others’ eye for the beauty in the intimate scenes. This is wonderful Igor, especially viewed large. No nits; I’m happy with it as is, just a playground for the eyes.

This is one of those understated images that screams look at me! The diagonals in the fractured rock work beautifully as do the warm and cool tones. I particularly like the balance with the lighter kidney shaped area on the left and the section to its right. Everything is perfectly placed. I know I would have walked right on by and would have missed this lovely intimate scene. Thanks for sharing this beauty. BTW, the white border works nicely for this presentation.

A very strong abstract! I really like the soft contrasts and colors. The line entering from the top left and then splitting into several lines is really strong. Great find and beautifully presented!

Igor, this is a nicely inviting look at this rock. The comp., shapes and textures all work together beautifully.