Evening Meditation

Took this photo at Sparks Lake before the wildfires took over the blue sky. The good light was kicking off on the left side of the composition but I was able to get some light bleed into my composition, which is better than a bluebird sky

Specific Feedback Requested

You are welcome to say something about the composition but I would love to hear about the overall post processing of the image

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Hi Francis! This is a beautiful image of Sparks Lake. Great Light and I like your comp. I’m glad you got this shot before the fires got too bad.

Oh that’s lovely. Such varied terrain and beautiful light. Have you tried playing with texture or clarity to bring up some detail in the trees and the mountains? That might bring some sparkle. I’d like to step right in and join you there.

While the light is beautiful and serene, areas in the foreground right (rocks) and center (trees and “grass”) are muddy and lacking in detail. I want to see more here while still keeping the mood.

This is a classic spot from which to make this image. You have done it beautifully. In the spring the water is much higher which gives you more opportunities for compositions. An early morning mist comes off as well.

An apt title for the photo, Francis. It is a great place to sit, meditate, and take in the beauty. I’m curious: did you purposely include the rocks in lower right, or were you perhaps limited in your tripod placement by a crowd of photographers on other parts of the path?

Your processing is very good. Just the right amount of detail in the shadows and the beautiful colors are not overly saturated.

Thank you all for your kind words and constructive suggestions. I appreciate the feedback. I will see if I can add more details keeping in mind that everything is far away…
@GregVaughn: I purposely included the rock in the lower right corner for foreground. What would you suggest? By the way, I have your books with me.
@IgorDoncov : I captured some shot in the morning but not much mist. Keep in mind that the water is quickly disappearing through a drainage whole behind where I took the shot. This might not be lake all year around.

Actually I live in Bend and visit this lake from spring through fall. The lake level is determined by the snowfall on the South Sister and Brokentop Mountain which are both in this picture. That far meadow is entirely flooded in the spring and slowly dries out during the summer. The rising mist only appears in the spring due to the difference in temperature between water and air. You also get good clouds in the spring from the passing storms, although that can occur through the seasons.

Although this is a well known spot, in my opinion, the best place is to shoot at that far meadow while facing Mt Bachelor. The paved road follows the edge of that meadow. In early summer Mt Bachelor can look like Mt Fuji from there.

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