Fall Colors Island

As last image for this critique I want to use this small fall scene. This is a very nice spot in the Czechia mountains. It’s an old quarry, that has been flooded at the end. There’s a small island almost in the middle with trees that render nice fall colors. The island is surrounded by high walls of the Table Mountains, and the sun don’t reach it 1,5-2 hrs after the sunrise. This shot was made during this window - after sunrise, but still in the deep shadows.

Specific Feedback Requested

This is a fairly low contrast scene with no direct sunlight, so I wonder if I didn’t go overboard with the contrast. Also, I wanted to have nice color separation within the green-to-red range. As a juxtaposition to them, I wanted to emphasise blue hues at the top and bottom of the frame. I’m not sure if this works well, though.

Technical Details



Now this….this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!!! This is about as good as it gets! The perfect balance of warm and cool tones working together harmoniously! You have color separation, there’s depth, has mood.

One of the points that I’ve been trying to stress during these critiques is you can have vibrant colors and not have a strong color cast. This is the perfect example of that concept. The tones, the contrast, and luminosity are all working together. This is also a great example of the type of light you photograph in changes the look and feel of the image.

I have nothing to add to this fantastic scene! Well done :clap: :raised_hands: :+1:

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I think you did well with the contrast and colour separation here. The image looks alive while still remaining natural. I like this o lot!

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Awesome fall image, Andrzej. Wonderfully done.

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@David_Thompson Thank you for the kind words. I was reading your thoughts on other critiques as well and I started paying attention to color cast myself. This image started in post as more yellow, than I would previously try, but it seems to work pretty well with all other post-processing. I still might tweak the blues a little bit - especially top part of the image bothers me. I’ll try to work with tones, contrast and overall brightness, as well as on better masking, so its more smooth. Your comment gave me a boost to work more on it. :sweat_smile::muscle::raised_hands:

@Tom_Nevesely & @David_Bostock Thank you for your thoughts as well. I appreciate them! :pray: :+1:

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