Fall colors push


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Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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Great shot Jorma, I think the composition works nicely and all the colors work well together

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Very nice Jorma! I really enjoy the unique perspectives we can get with drones now. I like this composition and the darkness of the water highlights the land and trees nicely. It’s also interesting to me how the trees on the left are changing color, but on the right they are all still green.

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Kind of an unusual orientation/composition for a drone image, but I like it. To me it almost looks like a steep mountain peak thrusting into a deep blue sky. I also like how dark you processed the water here, it really makes the land pop out in the image. Very impressive image, I’m enjoying it a lot.

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Nice composition and light.

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Thanks guys for the nice feedback. These are fun to look for and shoot. I usually do a few hdr exposures because in post-processing I get less noise in the image and the colors are more vivid

This one is fascinating and gorgeous. The small thumbnail does looks like a mountain! A perfect example of Minor White’s admonition to not only photograph something for what it is, but also for what else it is.